Ineos ships first US shale gas to Scotland

Ineos ships first US shale gas to Scotland

The first shipment of US shale gas is arriving at Ineos’ refinery and petrochemicals plant in Scotland.

The tanker carrying 27,500m3 of ethane from US shale fields arrived is due to dock at Grangemouth today.

Ineos’ shipment will be the first of a continuous supply of shale gas into Scotland despite the Scottish Government placing a moratorium on fracking in the country while a study into its impact is carried out.

Ineos founder and chairman Jim Ratcliffe said: “This is a hugely important day for Ineos and the UK. Shale as can help stop the decline of British manufacturing.”

The company said the shipment aboard the carrier Ineos Insight was the result of a £1.6 billion investment which will see eight tankers form a ‘virtual pipeline’ between the US and the UK and Norway.

Ineos argues that shale shipments from the US are the only way it can have sufficient gas to maintain its olefins and polymers business at Grangemouth because of the dwindling supply and higher costs of North Sea gas.