Komatsu unveils new mining haul truck

Komatsu unveils new mining haul truck

Komatsu America Corporation has announced the North American release of the 980E-4 haul truck for mine sites requiring 400-tonne payload capacity.

The new truck has a 3,500 HP engine, a 400-tonne capacity and reinforces Komatsu’s position as a global leader in the mining truck market.

Tom Stedman, Komatsu product manager said: “For several years, many of our customers have been asking Komatsu for a 400-ton electric drive rear dump truck with the reliability of our flag ship model, the 930E. With the release of the 980E-4, we now have a product to meet this market demand.”

The 980E-4 features big bucket shovels including Komatsu’s PC8000 and the P&H 4100PC-4800XPC.

In addition, it features expanded dump capabilities built to optimise payload capacity and mining production.

“Building on the foundation of the 960E, Komatsu was able to expedite the development of this new truck, while maintaining our strict standards of design, testing and product quality,” said Stedman. “We have every confidence this new model will reliably deliver high productivity, considering Komatsu’s reputation for outstanding mechanical availability.”