Hitachi unveils new 5MW offshore wind turbine

Hitachi unveils new 5MW offshore wind turbine

Hitachi has announced the development of a new 5MW offshore wind turbine, the HTW5.2-136, featuring a 15% larger rotor swept area and targeted at light wind areas.

The new turbine’s goal is to increase output in regions with the annual average wind speeds below 7.5 m/s.

It’s scheduled to begin a trial run in October at Hitachi Wind Power Station in Kashima Port, Ibaraki. If the trial proves successful, the company will release the new turbine in 2017.

In terms of orders, Hitachi’s turbine systems are ahead in the Japanese wind market with a cumulative total of around 250 turbines ordered and 118 currently in commercial operation.

The company also plans to market the HTW5.2-127 for windier sites such as the coasts of Hokkaido, southern Kyushu and the northern area of the Tohoku region on Honshu.

Hitachi now has a variety of wind turbine generator systems covering the 5MW, 2.5MW and 2.MW classes. It has also established the infrastructure for design, fabrication, sales and maintenance.