Costa Rica powered by renewables for 100+ days

Costa Rica powered by renewables for 100+ days

Costa Rica has been running on renewable energy for 121 days and is now looking to reach its goal of relying on %100 renewable sources for an entire year, without the use of any fossil fuels.

The state-run electricity company uses an array of renewable sources such as harvesting a combination of hydroelectric power, solar, wind and geothermal energy that is made possible by the country’s climate and land.

Hydropower is the country’s most reliable source due to its large river systems and heavy tropical rainfalls.

Costa Rica set a record in 2015 for producing 99% of its required electricity for 285 days, the first move towards eliminating fossil fuels all together in five years.

Last year, Denmark’s wind farms supplied 140% of demand and earlier this year, Portugal ran for 107 hours without using any fossil fuels.

An EU directive set a target of 31% share in 2009 for renewables to be a part of Portugal’s energy mix by 2020.

Sweden, Austria, Latvia and Finland are the only countries expected to have a higher share by 2020.