GE boosts wind energy in Japan

GE boosts wind energy in Japan

US conglomerate General Electric Co (NYSE:GE) has signed service agreements to increase the power output of two aging wind farms in Japan with a combined capacity of 52MW.

The two five-year contracts, incorporating GE’s digital wind farm technology, will help Kinden Corporation’s 30MW Shirama wind farm and engineering firm Kandenko’s 22MW Chosi plant.

The wind technology is expected to add up to 5% more annual energy production to the Shirama facility and up to 2% extra output to the Chosi plant.

Shirama is a seven-year-old wind park near Osaka that is made up of 20 of GE’s 1.5MW turbines. Chosi is a 12-year-old facility that comprises 15 of GE’s 1.5MW machines.

Anne McEntee, GE onshore wind president said: “Our digital wind farm concept is starting to gain traction all over the world.

“These two projects in Japan are great examples of our lifecycle approach to services—we are using data and analytics to create new value from older machines.”

GE Renewable Energy will use its Prognostics and PowerUp Services software applications in both parks to strengthen the performance of the turbines.

The Kandenko team estimates that GE’s technology will increase revenue by up to US$650,000 over the remaining lifetime of the wind park.