EthosEnergy wins $176.8m contract with Magnolia LNG

EthosEnergy wins $176.8m contract with Magnolia LNG

Oil and gas industry provider EthosEnergy has been awarded a US$176.8 million contract by Magnolia LNG (MLNG) for the first third part operations and maintenance (O&M) services partnership at their Lake Charles production facility in the state of Louisiana.

The services include mobilisation followed by full care, custody and control of the facility, in addition to full responsibility for filling operations of the vessels at the dedication mooring location next to the facility.

John Baguley, chief operating officer of Magnolia LNG said: “The operations and maintenance agreement we have reached with EthosEnergy is an important step in our program to transition Magnolia from our current activities focused on permitting and design, into the subsequent construction, commissioning and LNG production phases.”

Mark Dobler, CEO of EthosEnergy added: “We have leveraged our extensive O&M experience gained in the power generation sector to position us well to deliver these services in the oil & gas and wider energy-related markets.

“The depth and breadth of this expertise allows us to provide MLNG with a tailored solution, adding value to the life cycle of the project and supporting the transition of Magnolia into the production phase.”