Komatsu release ‘next gen’ mining shovel

Komatsu release ‘next gen’ mining shovel

Japan’s Komatsu has unveiled its ‘next gen’ mining shovel, the 700 tonne PC7000 available in face shovel and backhoe configurations.

The machine is driven by two Tier 2-rated Komatsu SSDA16V159E-2 engines, which are rated at 2500kW.

According to Komatsu, the PC7000 has a maximum travel speed of 2.5km/h and bucket capacity of 36 cubic metres at 1.8 tonnes per cubic metre material density.

Michael Hall, Komatsu Australia’s national product manager said the shovel, “represents the latest in mining technology, and was developed as a result of close collaboration with our mining industry partners from around the world; with mining becoming ever more challenging, we opted for a truly customer-oriented approach”.

The PC7000’s design was also strongly influenced by industry groups such as the Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table (EMESRT).

Hall noted the PC7000 had the highest engine power and breakout force in its class, providing fast cycle times.

“This, combined with an easy-fill bucket design, meant in less time at the face to fill the bucket, along with reduced fuel consumption per BCM,” said Hall.

Customers can constantly check the machine’s operating status through KOMTRAX Plus, which is standard on the PC7000.

“With backhoe, front shovel, diesel and electric drive configurations already sold around the world, our new PC7000 is rapidly obtaining market acceptance among major mining companies,” added Hall.

The shovel was first unveiled at Bauma in Germany earlier this year.