Scotland’s wind turbines power country for entire day

Scotland’s wind turbines power country for entire day

Scotland’s wind turbines produced 106% of the electricity used nationwide on 7 August, setting a record for the output of energy from wind turbines.

Conservation group World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Scotland conducted an analysis of data from WeatherEnergy finding that Scottish wind turbines fed 39,545MWh of electricity to the National Grid on that day.

Land Banks, director of WWF Scotland said: “While Sunday’s weather caused disruption for many people, it also proved to be a good day for wind power output, with wind turbines alone providing the equivalent of all Scotland’s total electricity needs.”

WWF Scotland reported that 2015 was a “huge year” for wind and solar power for the country and it’s likely that 2016 energy generation will be even better.

“Electricity demand during weekends is usually lower than the rest of the week,” said Karen Robinson of WeatherEnergy. “Nevertheless, the fact that win power was able to generate the equivalent of all Scotland’s electricity needs shows just how far renewables have come.”

Germany supplied almost all of its demand at a specific time of day in May this year, turning power prices negative during several 15-minute periods. Consumers were being paid up to US$55 per MWh to use electricity.

Wind energy supplied 140% of demand in Denmark last year.