Iberdrola launch new sustainable wind turbine blade recycling system

Iberdrola launch new sustainable wind turbine blade recycling system

Spanish electric utility company Iberdrola and partners Tecnalia and Gaiker-IK4 have invented a new system that recycles wind turbine blades from wind farms.

The BRIO project, which belongs to the European LIFE+ programme, is a scheme that aims to create a new sustainable system to manage and recycle wind turbine blades that are no longer in use. This is either because they have to be replaced as a result of a breakdown or because the wind farms have come to the end of their service life.

The project has been geared towards recovering the materials used to produce them, so that they can be used as secondary raw materials in other projects.

The mechanical recycling process involves the automatic separation of materials from the blades using optical means and their crushing to obtain recovered fibres which can be used in other sectors.

The long fibre will be re-used to reinforce prefabricated concrete components, while the remaining blade material will be used for construction purposes.

BRIO was initiated out of the need to address the problems of waste products coming from blades and wind turbines. The project aims to expect viable solutions designed to advance the procedures to dismantle the farms.

Management costs will be cut as well as a reduction in the environmental impact of the wind farm’s service life cycle.