First ever UK built offshore wind turbine blades arrive at Belfast

First ever UK built offshore wind turbine blades arrive at Belfast

Wind turbine blades designed, tested and manufactured on the Isle of Wight have arrived at MHI Vestas’ pre-assembly facility in Belfast, ready for installation at DONG Energy’s (CPH:DENERG) 285MW Burbo Bank Extension project.

The six 80 metre-long blades will be the first locally-built blades to be installed at a UK offshore wind power plant.

The MHI Vestas factory on the Isle of Wight is where the unique skills and processes were developed that are necessary to produce such large-scale turbine blades.

Jens Tommerup, CEO of Vestas said: “It’s a significant milestone for the industry to see the world’s largest blades in serial production arriving in Belfast ready for installation. This marks the first time locally manufactured major components for offshore wind turbines are being used in the UK.”

MHI Vestas said it’s creating jobs, attracting investment and stimulating growth throughout the entire supply chain.

“We believe that our efforts reflect the stimulation and growth that the UK has targeted with the continued investment in offshore wind power,” added Tommerup.

Joe O’Neill, Belfast Harbour’s commercial director stated: “Supporting the growth of the renewable energy sector is something we are proud to be a part of and look forward to working with MHI Vestas to ensure the successful completion of the Burbo Bank Extension project.”

Work at the pre-assembly site began in April 2016 and since then the first towers have been fully assembled, tested and pre-commissioned, reading for offshore installation.