Hanergy to launch revolutionary electric cars

Hanergy to launch revolutionary electric cars

Chinese solar panel manufacturer Hanergy has announced plans to commercialise four PV-powered “zero charging” original electric vehicle models.

The four prototype cars feature the company’s thin-film solar cells which have a conversion rate of 31.6% and lithium-ion battery systems allowing for a range of 350km.

Hanergy said that five to six hours of sunlight should allow the cars’ thin-film solar cells to produce between 8-10kWh of power a day, allowing the car to travel around 80km on solar power alone.

The “zero charge” feature will help get rid of the range problem, with cars no longer needing to rely on charging stations for short and medium distance trips.

For long-distance travel or in weak sunlight, drivers can recharge the lithium-ion batteries using traditional EV charging stations to a maximum travel capacity of 350km.

Li Hejun, Hanergy chairman said the cars showcased the latest achievements of the company’s new mobile energy strategy.

Hejun had planned to unveil the solar cars in May 2015, but delayed the launch due to a 47% share price drop of the company’s shares.

“Breaking the bottleneck of poor practicality of previous solar-powered vehicles, the four launched by Hanergy are the first full thin-film solar power vehicles that can be commercialised, redefining new energy vehicles,” the company said in a statement.