UK’s energy supply from France to double

UK’s energy supply from France to double

A privately funded project has announced it will construct a US$1.6 billion cross Channel electricity cable, which will double the energy the UK currently receives from France.

The ‘interconnector’ cable will run from Lovedean, near Portsmouth, to the Le Havre area.

Aquind, the cable’s developer is led by Ukrainian businessman Alexander Temerko. The firm stated the 150-mile cable would come online in 2021.

The cable is planned to deliver 2GW to the National Grid and the energy will supply power to the equivalent of four million homes.

The firm, which is backed by private investors, is currently securing a connection agreement with France.

The company said its cable would provide a valuable source of energy since coal-fired stations are being closed down and planned new gas and nuclear installations have yet to be constructed.

“With a growing energy supply gap threatening UK households and businesses, there’s an urgent need for a fast and reliable way to introduce new capacity,” said Martin Callanan, Acquind’s non-executive director. “The interconnector will significantly ease the pressure on the UK grid and reduce the risk of blackouts.”