Swedish companies to develop electricity from biomass

Swedish companies to develop electricity from biomass

Leading fuel cell company PowerCell Sweden AB and Cortus Energy AB, a business that provides cost-effective bioenergy solutions have signed a letter of intent to jointly develop and market environmentally friendly electricity from biomass.

The two companies will offer the market a climate smart solution based on Cortus Energy’s biomass gasification to hydrogen, which is then utilised in fuel cells from PowerCell to generate environmentally friendly electricity.

The partnership provides an opportunity to fill the need for green hydrogen at low cost and high availability, affecting commercial success.

“Cortus Energy’s technology allows clean gas from biomass on a large scale enabling the use of our fuel cells in new markets,” said Andreas Bodén, Marketing & Sales Manager of PowerCell Sweden AB. “We really look forward to a close cooperation with Cortus Energy to jointly develop a climate solution that fits customers’ needs for solutions to produce environmentally friendly electricity based on biomass.”

The joint venture with PowerCell gives Cortus Energy an environmentally friendly alternative to the gas engines used in installations for electricity supply.

Rolf Ljunggren, CEO of Cortus Energy AB explained: “Electricity generation by fuel cells gives us the opportunity for higher power exchanges with lower emissions than possible with gas engines today.”

The letter of intent indicates the companies will moderately validate the technology from tests in Köping, Sweden to industrial scale in countries such as Japan. Upscaling technologies will generate new joint customer projects where both company’s technologies are combined.