Mars signs wind deal to cut UK emissions

Mars signs wind deal to cut UK emissions

Mars Inc. signed a deal with Eneco to purchase power from a wind farm in Scotland that will counterbalance all the pollution it produces from its UK operations.

The American global manufacturer signed a power purchase agreement with Eneco Wind Belgium SA’s 60 megawatt Moy wind farm, which will generate around 125MW hours per year for 10 years.

Energy from the wind farm will help Mars meet its energy target to abolish greenhouse gas pollution from its facilities worldwide by 2040. It also includes restraining energy use in factories and then substituting its fossil fuel energy supplies with clean options.

Kevin Rabinovitch, global director of sustainability for Mars said: “We look at climate change through a scientific lens, we’re absolutely seeing increased risk and volatility in some of the raw materials we buy.”

The Moy wind farm will generate enough power 34,000 UK homes or to make around 4.2 billion Mars bars while reducing Mar’s global emission by 3.6 per cent, according to the company’s statement.

Mars already offsets its US emissions with the 200-MW Sumitomo Corp of Americas owned Mesquite Creek Wind Farm in Texas.

According to Rabinovitch, the company is currently in talks to sign more renewable energy purchase deals.