IRENA launches Global Atlas for Renewable Energy

IRENA launches Global Atlas for Renewable Energy

International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has released a new version of its online renewable energy mapping platform named Global Atlas for Renewable Energy.

The platform will now give users the opportunity to download resource data for offline analysis from more than 2,000 data sets for free, announced IRENA. The platform will also allow users to print and export map images.

The Global Atlas provides an entire suite of services to help renewable energy mapping and assessment.

The new edition includes an online GIS interface, data sets for five renewable technologies which cover every country in the world, online analysis tools and the power to export data and maps in various different designs.

The model also has a print and export feature so users can include data-rich maps in their presentations and publications.

According to the Global Atlas Data Quality Strategy, other features include an improved search algorithm, making it easier to share through social media and ‘fitness for user indicators’ for advanced users interested in determining the appropriate use for data.