South Africa to build $900m luxury eco-friendly village

South Africa to build $900m luxury eco-friendly village

Cape Town plans to construct a US$900 million eco-friendly and car-free village equipped with spas, LEDS and sustainable electronics.

The project has been designed by architecture company Swisatec and will be the first of its kind in Africa.

It will be based on the current Blue Rock Resort in Somerset West, an area encircled by popular wine farms.

Automobiles will be restricted to a main road or underground parking lots. LED lights and water management systems will be set up in order to comply with its renewable, energy-efficient priorities.

According to a report from the environmental organisation Groundwork, South Africa has been named in the top 12 producers of carbon emissions.

The announcement says the average temperature in the country will rise by the end of the century. Cape Town has arranged a target to develop 20 per cent of its energy from renewable resources by 2020.

The Blue Rock project will begin construction in August 2016 and purchasers are anticipated to move into the village by February 2017.