India to open solar battery market to producers

India to open solar battery market to producers

India will look to add energy storage as a requirement for the first time when a solar venture is offered this month.

A new market could be opened to battery makers such as Tesla Motors Inc., Panasonic Corp. and Samsung SDI Co.

Ashvini Kumar, managing director of Solar Energy Corp. of India (NSE: SECI) outlined company’s responsibility for achieving the government’s renewable energy targets and will challenge applicant’s to put in a storage factor of 100MW of solar capacity to be taken from the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.

The pilot programme’s aim is to decrease electricity supply changes to make the transfer of clean energy between states possible. Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister is aiming for 175GW of clean energy by 2022.

Warehousing power is seen as a critical part of India’s green goals and it could provide manufacturers the scale necessary to help reduce costs of battery storage.

Hiren Pravin Shah, head of energy business at Panasonic, explained the cost of the current projects would raise the price of energy and that lithium ion batteries cost around four times the price of traditional lead-acid batteries, which are used in one of Tesla’s home storage devices.

Government administrators have said the first tender won’t increase costs and the main goal is to assess fluctuation.