Diversity celebrated at Fortescue’s first Graduation

Diversity celebrated at Fortescue’s first Graduation

11 graduates recently completed Fortescue Metal Group’s first Vocational Training and Employment Centre (VTEC) 2016 graduation. The graduates will work at the company’s Cloudbreak mine in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Half of the VTEC graduates are women, a first in Fortescue’s history.

Nev Power, the firm’s CEO says the company believes that workplace diversity, including gender and Aboriginal diversity, is a fundamental contributor to success in business.

He stated, “To end the disparity between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in Australia it is critically important that women are given the education and employment opportunities, through programs such as VTEC, to enable them to become role models in their communities.”

“Fortescue is a stronger business today through the contribution of our women which is why we are delighted to welcome these graduates into the Fortescue family.”

“As Fortescue’s first mine site, Cloudbreak has a long and proud history of supporting VTEC graduates. The graduates have already shown themselves to be hard working and determined and everyone at Cloudbreak looks forward to supporting them to reach their full potential,” said Cloudbreak general manager Maryanne Kelly.

A notable graduate, Roseanne Simpson said, “I’ve always known Fortescue to have a reputation for doing things differently and to have a strong focus on helping Aboriginal people.”