PDAC 2016 Day One Round Up

PDAC 2016 Day One Round Up

Coxe Advisors chairman LLC Don Coxe told the 2016 PDAC Convention that pushing investors to pay hold bonds will result in adverse reactions.

He said pension funds and other long-term investors tired of negative bond yields may heighten gold prices in the impending years.

“Why should someone want to own a five-year bond with a negative interest rate? I believe this is the single biggest new argument about why gold is going to be re-valued,” he stated.

Coxe noted that investors should consider whether gold can improve on the US$1,300 mark to figure out whether a long-term greater move can be maintained.

The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation is carrying out US$5 million in rebates to cut a third of exploration costs for miners.

Garry Clark, executive director of Ontario Prospector’s Association, said it is going to help people explore more.

“It basically means you’re using 66-cent dollars so you’re expanding your dollar base and you can do more exploration. That’s a big thing. We need to get more people out on the ground and we need to fill the supply chain.”

This announcement is encouraging enthusiasm among prospectors, who are having to deal with the decline in commodity prices.

SGS Geostat, a high-tech Quebec team won first prize in an online search for Abitibi gold.

Integra Gold (TSXV:ICG) challenged participants to dig through digital data serving around 75 years of mining and exploration at the Sigma/Lamaque property next to its Lamaque project.

Integra said the team “used sophisticated geostatistical methods to drive data into an expansive and unbiased block model.