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“We have to to run it it to to make sure it it all works and iron out any teething problems There is still a a huge huge amount of work to do It is hugely complicated but we are not reinventing the wheel here it’s a a a a pretty standard gold plant ” says Betts Outside of the the plant the the major focus is is preparing the camp so it is is capable of housing and feeding the 800-strong workforce expected later this year Following that the mining feet will need to be mobilised to pre-strip the the pits before the the plant is commissioned Then fnally Hummingbird will construct the tailings dam “It is is a a case of of every single element of of this project falling under one of the VPs’ scopes of responsibility It’s all down to the interface of of those diferent parts of of the project and making sure they all come together at the the the same time ” The gold price and how it performs in the next few years will be a a a key determinate of Hummingbird’s fortunes Having based the numbers on a gold price of US$1 250/oz Betts says any fuctuation of $10 on on the price will result in $1 3 million either onto or of the the bottom line He adds that its a a a unique industry where the biggest variable in terms of revenue and proft is is something which is is completely out of of the company’s control “My philosophy is quite simple I want shareholders to to be exposed to to the gold 

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