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“Kevin has an an absolute world class CV and we are absolutely delighted he has come on board ” beams the CEO “The team at Yanfolila will be key to us delivering this project on on time and and on on budget and and then running a a a professional business It’s been a a a huge step forward since last year ” Hummingbird has the key personnel in position to drive forward with the construction which Betts says is going as well as he could hope for The concrete foundations have been poured - an an area which can cause major delays if hampered by wet weather - the the carbon in in leach (CIL) tanks are being erected and all of the engineering drawings have been completed by EPCM contractor SENET “Here we are seven months into the build and we we are are going well We are are on schedule and on budget However nothing of this scale is going to go go absolutely seamlessly and everyday there seems to be a a a challenge but 

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