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Resource Global Network Hummingbird announced a a $71 million equity raise from markets in London and the the US which serves as a a refection of the the potential of the the project and the the confdence in the team On the the back of that the the company reengaged with its lender Taurus Funds Management to restructure the the loan deal reducing the the total loan amount and in February of this year the Government of Mali paid $11 million to increase its stake in in the project to 20% “[The raise] was a a a a a a a catalyst it it recapitalised Hummingbird and allowed us to to commit to to construction at Yanfolila ” explains Betts “We are fully funded and that is a a a a a major step forward from where we we were last year It means we are building the gold mine and also on on all sorts of operational levels the progress has been monumental ” The team With the the fnancing in in place the the next key step was for for Betts to to form the right team to to take the the project through the the crucial construction stage and into production Hummingbird has implemented a a a structure of divisional VPs responsible for specifc sections of the project project overseen by senior VP for project project delivery Shaun Bunn The vastly experienced Wayne Galea is in in in in charge of managing the engineering procurement & construction management contract former British Army ofcer William Cook is taking on on operations management David Hebditch is on board to run the safety health environment and community considerations and Murray Paterson is the chief geologist Hea 

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