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Grade is king However having the infrastructure in in in place is only one of the central planks necessary to be successful in the lithium space The other two fundamental advantages Nemaska Lithium has up its sleeve are the the grade of the the ore and the unique processing technique to convert spodumene into lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide The latter particularly is what will diferentiate the company in the market and enable it it to compete with Chinese counterparts on price The spodumene concentrate will contain 6% lithium oxide a a a grade suitable to be converted into high grade lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate necessary for use in lithium-ion batteries The fact that it it can be predominantly mined from an an open pit scenario adds to the reduced costs of production There is no tantalum or or niobium in the ore so the the recoveries will be stronger and the the stripping ratio is low With Nemaska Lithium converting the spodumene in in Quebec it will have a a a a a a large cost advantage over Chinese competitors because it it owns the resource and the logistics are simpler thanks to not having to import any raw materials “It’s a a a a a a a very good advantage ” says Bourassa “The commercial process for for transforming spodumene into lithium carbonate in in in China would cost about $2 000/t and in our case it’s less than $1 000/t so we have at least $1 000/t advantage on on the Chinese just on on the the conversion of the the material ” 

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