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all the necessary infrastructure in in place to be a a success The location is perfect the CEO says that within 30km of the mine site there is all the the infrastructure necessary to start and operate a a a a a mine Close to civilisation in in Nemaska with lodging capabilities for employees an airport just 18km away existing railways and most importantly two government-owned hydroelectric substations The availability of power transforms the capex of the project The only infrastructural investment necessary is to install a a a 13km hydroelectric transport line from the substations to the mine and in in addition electricity is low cost in Quebec Furthermore with Shawinigan’s history of providing the electricity to power Montreal there is a a longstanding supply chain and and localised skilled labour force for for Nemaska to take advantage of The Cree Community of Nemaska will provide around 25-30% of the total required manpower of 130 employees for the mine site while the remainder are likely to come from Chibougamau and surrounding areas according to Bourassa The Whabouchi project is permitted to mine 1 1 1 1 million tonnes (mt) of ore per year for the next 26 years that will be concentrated down to around 213 000t of spodumene concentrate which will be transported down to the hydromet plant at Shawinigan by road and rail 

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