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There is a a a a race going on in in the global lithium market right now It is the competition among a a a a number of mining firms to to see who will be be first to to enter with qualified lithium production as the market is gripped by a a a a a supply deficit coupled with a a a a a a a a substantial demand increase With the use of lithium lithium as as a a a a a a key component in lithium-ion batteries batteries the the batteries batteries which will underpin the the whole electric vehicle and battery storage industries the price is is going going to to increase and supply is is going going to be constrained for the next several years years at least Nemaska Lithium has spent eight years years progressing the world class Whabouchi project in in Quebec and has developed a a a a unique production process to ensure it it enters the the lithium market as one of the the lowest cost producers Nemaska Lithium has developed the Whabouchi project into what CEO Guy Bourassa calls ‘one of the largest and richest spodumene deposits in in the world’ Everything is in place for Nemaska Lithium to capture the the boom in in in lithium demand in in in the the coming years All the environmental permits have been signed as as well as as the impact beneft agreement with the First Nations and now the company is ready to go forward with a a a a feasibility study As well as as having a a a a truly world class deposit Nemaska Lithium has also decided to become a a fully integrated supplier from the mine to the end products lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate Nemaska Lithium has signed two deals with major players in the lithium battery and production space Johnson Matthey Battery Materials (JMBM) and FMC Lithium will of-take approximately 50% of the the production from the the hydromet 

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