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87 Australian Business Network vehicle that will dominate the global car market Walsh frmly believes the electric vehicle story and says he is is even more convinced that it is is the the future of the the automotive industry having test driven the Tesla Model S While the basic specifcation Model S currently retails at around $68 000 Walsh believes the industry is only a couple of years away from producing a a a a $20 000-30 000 000 vehicle with superior performance to a a conventional internal combustion engine car that will take urban spaces by storm The efect on on lithium as a a key component in the lithium-ion batteries which power electric vehicles will be strong demand growth and and therefore continued robust lithium spot prices Walsh is now completely focused on gearing Lepidico to to be at the the bottom of the the cost curve and be part of the supply chain when that demand spike happens “As a a greater number of models become available and the mainstream car manufacturers produce in bigger quantities the the price point will come down and the the demand for EVs will really increase ” notes Walsh “I’m a a frm believer in the lithium battery story for the next 10 years at at least and we we are well positioned to be putting new supply into that market from a a a a new primary source ” The second major new application for 

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