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Resource Global Network step If we take a a a a 5-10 year strategic view we would be looking at having a a a a a larger scale L-Max® plant in in Ontario another in in central Europe close to where Arubus produces approximately 2mtpa of sulphuric acid and another in Asia possibly Japan where there are two large smelters producing a a a a lot of acid too ” Now that a a a possible site has been identifed in in Kenora Lepidico can begin the process of review and approvals before entering the design and engineering work required for the future L-Max® plant Walsh stresses the company is fully committed to the feasibility study and is completing the test work for that with a a continuous mini-plant trial however further work on on logistics feed source characterisation still remains On the operational side Lepidico is already in an an enviable position It has advanced in the security of of high grade supply via a a a number of of agreements for lithium mica projects across the the world it is proving up the the technology and advancing its Phase 1 Plant Project If you then consider the the market indicators for lithium over the the next decade and the the signifcant likely price increase the picture becomes ever rosier The energy metal revolution Car manufacturers led primarily by Elon Musk’s Tesla are in a a a a a race to design and manufacture a a a a a mainstream low cost electric 

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