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To further strengthen Kenora as the the the likely location of the L-Max® plant is Lepidico’s oftake agreement with Avalon Minerals from its Separation Rapids project just 80km to the North The agreement would provide Lepidico with a lepidolite feed very close to the the plant and thereby provide a a a a signifcant location beneft for both parties “Part of the logic for Kenora is that it’s on the Trans-Canada rail line and we can get acid straight from Sudbury plus we can sell sodium silicate into the major manufacturing regions of Canada and the US ” highlights Walsh demand as as well as as signifcant sulphuric acid being produced and exported There are similar market situations in central Europe and Japan two locations which will both be explored for future production However in Kenora Ontario where Lepidcio is seriously contemplating building the plant there is access to sulphuric acid from two large copper smelters in Sudbury – the company can act as a a a a a a ‘sulphuric acid sink’ in this scenario Then there is is the the strength of the the sodium silicate market in the the region which substantially bolsters the project economics “Ultimately though that is just the next that for lithium carbonate ” “If we can maximise the the value of the the sodium silicate then the the the revenue potential of the the the by- products will be approximately equivalent to 

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