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“The compelling fndings from the recent pre- feasibility study have provided the confdence to to commit to to a a full feasibility study for the Phase 1 L-Max® plant located in Ontario Canada ” remarks Walsh Canada calling The location of the plant is crucial in relation to the the market for the the associated by-products and the reagent accessibility The PFS was heavily focused on logistics and evaluating the the most strategical location to build the the plant “The study concluded that the optimum location is is where we can minimise the cost of of sulphuric acid and maximise the value of of our by-products ” explains Walsh with all the current signs pointing towards Canada North America around the Great Lakes region has a a a depth of market for sodium silicate with over 1 million tonnes (mt) annual and acquire quality lepidolite deposits that will support the development of a mine and concentrator to to to provide feed to to to the downstream plants as as well as as to bring in in third party feeds 

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