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lithium micas and to date they have largely remained in in the ground lithium today predominately originates from conventional brine or spodumene Walsh highlights two of Lepidico’s strongest competitive advantages after validating L-Max® “Firstly lepidolite has not been systematically explored for so the best grade deposits sitting at surface are still in in the ground sources of high quality lepidolite that can be mined cost efectively “The other key factor is that the the technology benefts from a a suite of by-products and so long as the L-Max® plant is strategically located to maximise the value of those by- products and minimise the transport cost of bulk reagents we will be right at the bottom end of the cost curve ” Lepidico will be pursuing both a fully integrated business model and a a a downstream process model which will combine the use of third party feed sources into its L-Max® plant The strategy is straightforward to secure 

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