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“We try to to use local contractors as as much as as possible and we have a a a a complete aversion to to cash payments When we tried to to pay pay one contractor by electronic transfer he said it wasn’t worthwhile as as he he had to travel all the way to to Goma and back just to to get the money “We went to Trust Merchant Bank and said we need a a a a bank on site and they are bringing in the facilities “That is the the power of the the mining industry We need all those facilities we bring them in in and they get leveraged up by the the the needs of the the the people in the area ” Bisie’s long term success Looking forward to how Alphamin can deliver its goal of creating a a a a a globally signifcant tin tin precinct Kamstra is focused on getting Mpama North into production before widening the net of drilling programmes to incorporate new deposits in in the immediate area 

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