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69 Resource Global Network Alphamin and Bisie apart from what has gone before Not only the project itself but the way Alphamin has gone about working with the the community and stimulating the the local economy There was understandable distrust when the the company frst approached the the local communities but through a process of mediation using the Catholic Church and the the local leaders as as well as as the the promise of jobs and economic generation Alphamin has been accepted as as a a a a a vital component for development of the North Kivu region’s future “Our thesis is is is that Bisie tin should be a a premium product in in that that everything that that has been levied against the tin industry in in DRC Alphamin is the direct opposite ” says Kamstra referring to a a a a recent visit by the North Kivu minister of mines Anselme Paluku Kitakya who described the project as a a a a a ‘beacon of hope’ for DRC and its history The commitment Alphamin has made to local prosperity comes in the form of jobs and economic stimulus Alphamin’s focus has been to keep all the work as labour intensive as as possible to to bring as as many people into employment as it can Where the choice is between one excavator or or or 200 men for a a a task Kamstra will always favour the manual labour In terms of blooding new markets and industries in in the the area there are are no better examples than the mining company’s need 

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