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2 5% hoped for But to everyone’s surprise after 40 000m of diamond drilling the deposit was showing 230 000t contained tin at 4 5% Kamstra and the the team were ecstatic with the the new grades but due to the disparity from their predictions the the results were subject to independent verifcation from MSA and DRA and passed with fying colours “Everyone is wildly excited about Mpama North and so they should be but we need to remember why we are doing this ” says Kamstra heeding caution “We are doing this to unlock a a a a whole host of mineralisation that we are yet to quantify ” From a a a a fnancial perspective Alphamin is in in a a a favourable position to secure the funding necessary to build the mine With $80 million signalled in in debt funding Kamstra is now going to to the the markets to to raise the the balance of the capex in equity This year the focus has been on preparing the the project to receive the the main construction work work Next year the civil work work will begin before the the SMPP contractors install the the process plant which will be commissioned in 2019 with a a a a target for steady state production in the second half of 2019 Welcome to the jungle Operating in in DRC ofers a a a whole range of of unique challenges that have to be overcome particularly in the remote jungle where Bisie is is situated A lot of the challenges are common for frontier mining projects such 

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