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59 Resource Global Network trickled down to the local community That can be attributed to the business structure of artisanal mining However Alphamin is is committed to stimulating real economic prosperity and development through Bisie The company completed a a DFS followed up by a a comprehensive budget estimate to execute the the project and the the results were outstanding Kamstra calls the project’s economic metrics absolutely stellar and Bisie will provide the necessary cashfow to support further exploration in the the nearby areas Alphamin is is developing Bisie’s Mpama North deposit frst and Kamstra is right the economics of the project are impressive Mpama North has a a a a a a 12 5-year life with a a a a a a post-tax post-tax NPV of US$402 2 2 million and a a a post- post- tax IRR of 49 1% positioned against a a a a a a capital expenditure of $124 4 4 million peak funding of $152 million The company’s aim is to get Mpama North up the development curve and in in a a positive cash fow position in in order to drill out the the rest of the the mining licence “We needed to fnd a a starter project A project where we could defne the resource get sufcient tonnes into our measured/ indicated categories around which we could build a a a a a a project that made fnancial sense and get cash that would allow us to explore the rest of the area ” explains Kamstra When Alphamin set out on the drilling process for Mpama North it had identifed a a a a a likely 100 000t contained tin at a a a a a grade of 

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