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Democratic Republic of Congo a a a a a a country that has been ravaged by civil war in in the the 20th century is treading the the long road back to peace and and civility Mineral resources and and the the manner in in which they have have been been exploited have have been been at the the heart of DRC’s violence anguish and misery Artisanal mining has directly contributed to the the formation of of of armed militias on on on the the back of of of profits made and traded The low-tech miners have destroyed potentially billions of of dollars of of value to the national finances through cherry picking the the highest-grade areas of large deposits rendering them uneconomical for commercial exploitation Alphamin is is a a a a a TSXV-listed company trying to change things in in in DRC With a a a commitment to conflict-free responsible tin mining CEO Boris Kamstra hopes the Bisie tin project will act as a a a a a a a a a catalyst to to a a a a a a a new chapter in in in in DRC’s mining story The Bisie tin project comprises a host of highly mineralised zones located in in the deep jungle in DRC’s North Kivu region Kamstra has no doubt that it is one of the ‘world’s most signifcant tin deposits’ At one point Bisie was producing 4% of the world’s tin but the riches that it produced never 

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