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which are are not economical as they are are too far away from shore to have an easy efcient connection without the use of HVDC At the moment it is more expensive but Plas stresses that if the the prices falls it will open the the door to a a raft of new wind projects He added: “This is is a a a way to develop more wind farms and more connections beyond Germany Can we have cases in the the US the the UK? Can we help these business cases fy in in these two countries? – That is what we are trying to do ” The future for GE and HVDC is already happening Plas is already busy going forward with bids for for future projects for for example DolWin6 - another project for TenneT and he he is aiming to to continue to to reduce the size and cost of of ofshore converters as the technology matures “The next one we are bidding for is a a little smaller and lighter but it’s not going to be half the size of this one ” Plas predicted “We also need to be cautious with how we introduce new technologies you can’t just introduce something brand new without testing it when you are 80km ofshore in in the the middle of the the sea This is is why you need to go step-by-step and have a a a progressive approach on on this technology evolution ” Energy development The successful installation of DolWin3 represents a a major milestone for both 

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