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In early July the DolWin3 ofshore converter station was launched from Warnemünde and made its six-day journey along the German and Danish coastlines to its fnal position 80km ofshore where the team successfully installed the platform onto the subsea jacket is a a a 900MW capacity grid connection will convert alternating current (AC) a a a form electricity which travels inefciently over long to to direct current (DC) in order to to efectively transmit clean energy from a a a cluster of wind farms in in the the Southwestern part of the the German North Sea “The installation of the platform DolWin gamma is an an important milestone for us ” Plas said after the installation “DolWin3 is GE’s frst ofshore HVDC project The technology represents a a crucial turning point for ofshore wind renewables and how we are able to move that energy efciently from where it is being generated to to the customer 

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