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Resource Global Network This event spawned a a a short interval when DXY and gold had an an inverse correlation However since the markets had already baked in in this increase there was little movement in either dollars or gold Trump’s administration implemented aggressive trade policies toward North American and Asia countries that helped bring an overpriced dollar down Gold went up briefy then straight down despite the declining dollar from mid-May to mid-July July 17 to November 24: DXY-Au = -0 77 This period of strong correlation was initially infuenced by geopolitical events that created safe haven buying of gold and a a a a a weakening US dollar North Korea exploded a a a a nuclear bomb and sent ballistic missiles fying out into the Pacifc Ocean including two over Japan Tensions fared as Trump ridiculed Kim Jong- un calling him ‘little rocket man’ in in tweets and speeches North Korean responded by calling The Donald an ‘old dotard’ This incessant war of words gave currency markets the jitters and gold spiked to a a a 2017 high of of $1346 an ounce But after a a a couple of of months the soap opera went into seasonal reruns and fnancial markets became numb to the noise By mid-October when Trump announced he he would undo Obama’s Iran nuclear deal that was done without the approval of Congress neither the the dollar nor gold reacted to any signifcant degree Over the past month as as equity markets continue to set seemingly endless highs in a a risk-on low volatility trading paradigm the dollar has fallen and gold has risen With both moving in in a a a saw tooth fashion the strong negative correlation continues In this musing I I have focused on the apparent efects of the POTUS’ platform politics and and policies on the price of gold and and specifcally its correlation to the US dollar Always remember though that correlation does not imply causality There are undoubtedly many other factors that I have not considered and are beyond the scope of my analysis Regardless of of your personal views of of the man we can surely agree that Donald J Trump has signifcantly infuenced the relationship between the world’s reserve currency and the world’s only real money since he was chosen as as our 45th President of the United States of America on November 8 2016 And fnally back to the beginning: The Question: What Trumps Dollars and Gold? My Answer: Nothing … Duh Ciao for now Mickey Fulp Mercenary Geologist 

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