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Resource Global Network MICKEY FULP The Mercenary Geologist Michael S “Mickey” Fulp is is is a a a a a a Certifed Professional Geologist with with a a a B Sc Sc Earth Sciences with with honour from from the the University of Tulsa and M M M Sc Geology from from the the University of New Mexico Mickey has 35 years’ experience as as an an an exploration geologist and and analyst searching for economic deposits of base and and precious metals industrial minerals uranium coal oil and and and and gas and and and and water in in in North and and and and South America Europe and and and and Asia Mickey worked for junior explorers major mining companies companies private companies companies and investors as a a a a a a a a consulting economic geologist for over 20 years specialising in in in geological mapping property evaluation and business development In addition to Mickey’s professional credentials and and experience he is is high- altitude profcient and and and is is is is bilingual in in English and and Spanish From 2003 to 2006 he made four outcrop ore discoveries in Peru Nevada Chile and and British Columbia Mickey is is well-known and and highly respected throughout the mining and and exploration community due to his ongoing work as an an an an analyst writer and and speaker the the London afternoon fx In the the treatments below I use NY close for both the dollar index and gold The correlation coefcient of of DXY and Au is one of of the derivatives that my research assistant compiles tracks and analyses on a a a a a a daily basis in our proprietary commodity and economic database Two variables with no relationship give a a correlation coefcient of 0 0 0 0 A perfect positive or or negative correlation is equal to + 1 0 We defne the threshold for a a “signifcant correlation” at at > + 0 6 Today I present our research on the relationship of the US dollar and gold price over the past 13 months A composite chart of DXY values and Au prices since October 1 2016 illustrates the on-again and of again again negative relationship of dollars and gold: With this composite chart as background let’s go to the gist of my missive 

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