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WORLD’S LARGEST OFFSHORE WIND TURBINES GO LIVE IN UK JULY: Apple Inc (NASDQ:AAPL) has announced it will build a a a a new data centre in Denmark which will be powered entirely from renewable energy sources The data centre will begin operations by the second quarter of 2019 in in Aabenraa in in Southern Denmark and will become Apple’s second such centre to run wholly from renewables in the Nordic nation The US technology giant has committed to a a a 100% clean energy target and also pledged to back the the Paris climate accord with the the issuing of a US$1 billion green bond despite the US US pulling out of the pact Erik Stannow Nordic manager for Apple said: “We’re thrilled to be expanding our data centre operations in in in Denmark and investing in new sources of clean power “The reliability of of the Danish grid is is one of of the main reasons we will operate two sites in in Denmark ” Denmark is a a a a a global leader in renewable energy with a highly developed wind power sector recently passing the 4GW milestone for onshore installed capacity APPLE’S NEW NEW DANISH DATA CENTRE TO BE POWERED BY RENEWABLES 27 Resource Global Network MAY: Danish energy company Dong Energy has ofcially unveiled its giant Burbo Bank wind farm of of the the Northwest coast of of the the UK which is home to the largest wind turbines in in in the world The large-scale ofshore facility has just begun generating electricity in in Liverpool Bay from a a a feet of 32 turbines standing at 195 metres tall each producing 8MW of renewable energy In comparison the mega-turbines tower above national attractions such as the 135 metres metres London Eye and the 180 metres metres tall Gherkin skyscraper Furthermore each turbine has twice the the power capacity of the the turbines in in the the neighbouring Burbo Bank wind farm completed a a a decade ago “That shows you something about the scale-up scale-up of of the the the industry the the the scale-up scale-up of of the the the technology ” said Benjamin Sykes the country manager for Dong Energy UK Sykes added that the the opening of the the Burbo Bank wind frm was a a a a very important milestone for the sector and is set to to to solidify the the UK’s position as a a a a global leader in the the technology of generating renewable energy The UK has installed more ofshore wind power than any other nation in the the world with a a a a collective capacity of 5 3GW and eight further projects in in the the pipeline 

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