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MARCH: The last large- scale coal power plant in Beijing has closed marking a a a symbolic stage in in the Chinese capital’s switchover to natural gas powered electricity The closure of the Huangneng Beijing Thermal Power Plant completes an an objective laid out in 2013 which aimed to make Beijing the country’s frst city to have all of its power facilities fuelled by natural gas The plant is the fourth of its kind to be closed since the 2013 fve-year clean air action plan was tabled These closures have cut nearly 10 million tonnes of coal emissions annually Beijing Mayor Cai Qi said: “Replacing coal with clean energy is not only to deal with air pollution but also a a requirement of the company’s transformation ” BEIJING’S FINAL COAL PLANT CLOSES IN IN IN NATURAL GAS SWITCH JANUARY: Solar energy will be harnessed from the nuclear contaminated Chernobyl reactor site in in in Ukraine after two Chinese companies formalised plans to erect a a a a 1GW solar power plant A 2 600km exclusion zone surrounding the reactor has been in in place since the nuclear disaster occurred in in 1986 but following the construction of a a a steel-clad arch enveloping the the site interest in in the the area has developed The race to renovate the deserted site has been won by GCL System Integration Technology (GCL-SI) a a subsidiary of Golden Concord Holdings (GLC) one of China’s biggest renewable energy companies and China National Complete Engineering Corp (CCEC) The former company will supply and install solar panels on the the site while the the latter will construct and run the plant upon completion Shu Hua chairman of GCL-SI said: “There will be be remarkable social benefts and economical ones as we try to renovate the once-damaged area with green and renewable energy ” Ukrainian ofcials have reported that the two frms are set to to spend up to to US$1 billion on on the the project over the the next two years CHINESE COMPANIES TO BUILD $1 BILLION SOLAR PANELS AT CHERNOBYL SITE 26 NEWS 

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