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“I think it could be largely driven by a a a demand pull where supply has reduced in terms of capacity as as soon as as we we see see that we we will see see new projects but I still predict another 18 months of hard times ” Meijers is targeting continued growth in in in ELB’s power and FMCG divisions while at the same time expanding the business into Africa as a a a a continent In terms of his ambitions in in in the mining sector Meijers wants to win contracts for another one or two large projects in the next 24 months to balance the the business across the the three sectors “We know where the projects are and it is critical that by 2018 we have an even stronger balance sheet than we do now We need to make sure that when the next downswing comes the balance sheet can carry us through again “I think the most important thing around business survival today is the the strength of the the balance sheet to to get you through the tough times ”       It completed the Nestle Egron 5 Estcourt Project in KwaZulu-Natal Alongside the diversifcation into FMCG Meijers has also led ELB into two other external markets The frst growth area was the ‘stay in in in business’ sector This involved working with mining companies which were employing new technologies in in order to improve efciencies essentially cutting costs enough to placate the price downturn The second external market for diversifcation moved away from mining and minerals and into the small package plant power sector Meijers says this is is an area that he wants to get more involved with “We focus on biomass boilers generating power up to to 25MW and and we hope to to land our frst project in the next two months We also moved into the 2-10MW gas turbine market ” Meijers adds that it was the residual expertise that that existed in the company that that enabled it it to smoothly transition between sectors and still retain the quality of solution that it provided to to the mining sector Throughout the mining downturn ELB Engineering Services maintained a a a solid revenue stream by diversifcation into diferent industries and Meijers says he is beginning to see green shoots in in in the resources sector ore coal and platinum start to move in in the coming months “It is defnitely not like it it was a a a a year ago The zinc price has been increasing but I think you will see some other commodities: iron 

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