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195 195 The mining downturn The collapse of commodity prices in the last couple of years has forced industry-wide re- evaluations ELB was no diferent although it has shown real agility to refocus its expertise and experience towards the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry Meijers and his team identifed that the FMCG sector could provide to to be the perfect solution to the dangers of volatile resource prices “Because of the downturn in commodity prices and and the demand basically disappearing we we had to diversify We looked at where we we could apply our engineering and project management skills and FMCG suited us best “We saw a a a niche market where we could tie-up with international food and beverage process suppliers and with our local capability of detailed engineering electrical installation and our construction we knew we could provide turnkey solutions for that sector and we have been highly successful in the last two years in that space ” ELB has been awarded some major projects by the the big players in in the the FMCG business 195 195 

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