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Resource Global Network which ELB has been contracted on on since February 2010 The engineering frm’s role on the the project entailed the the design supply erection and commissioning of the terrace coal and and ash handling facility comprising 54 conveyors of various lengths “It is one of the largest coal-fred power stations in the the world We have been on on the the project for seven years and we have another two and half to go It is a a a a a really signifcant project for us at the the time it was the the biggest materials handling project in in South Africa ” Another of ELB’s fagship projects recently completed was the Impumelelo overland conveyor for Sasol Mining ELB constructed one of the world’s longest single fight overland conveyors standing at 26 9 km in in length The conveyor was part of the overall contract to commission the Impumelelo Mine Materials Handling System which comprised seven conveyors with a a a total length of around 30km “It is a a a a great project and it broke all records in terms of length and the ability to start material conveyance ” says Meijers ELB has just been contracted by Vedanta Zinc for Black Mountain Mining Company to supply the full processing plant infrastructure all power connections to the grid and the supply of water from 40km away for the new Gamsberg zinc mine   

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