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Resource Global Network September brought our frst spotlight on on Botswana one of the fastest growing economies in Africa A A signifcant driver of the the the Southern African nation’s growth over the the the last few years has been its buoyant mining sector President Ian Khama’s legacy of developing infrastructure combined with the country’s abundance of resources particularly diamonds has seen strong growth in exploration drilling in in the last decade or or so – providing a a boost to the overall economy The improved transport and telecommunication networks have made it easier for companies to explore far fung locations and the established mines such as Orapa and Jwaneng have entered new cuts – all of which have led to a a a robust mining sector     We spoke with diferent players throughout the mining value chain in in in in in in Botswana including an an exclusive interview with Botswana Chamber of Mines CEO Charles Siwawa We also spoke to miners in in the shape of Tlou Energy and Mount Burgess Mining as well as as contractors Atlas Copco and Stefanutti Stocks to to round of the issue 

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