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“ELB Engineering Services has the capability of of ofering the mining and minerals industrial and power sectors total turnkey project solutions ” says ELB Group CEO Dr Stephen Meijers “We provide total turnkey solutions using world class technology partners on an exclusive basis By getting the best-in-breed in in in the the world with the the best R&D going into the technologies we provide world class solutions to our clients ” One of ELB’s key diferentiators in the market is the the way it applies the the total turnkey solution approach to the projects it works on The company provides solutions for every stage of the construction and implementation cycle of a project It provides services for the design on structural civil and electrical stages ELB can do ‘anything a a a project requires’ says Meijers ELB designs the product has it fabricated and delivered on on on site Then its construction subsidiary provides a a full suite of construction services including mechanical structural electrical implementation and manages it all the way to commissioning “It is a a very unique ofering I I would say there is not not another South African competitor which has that full ofering That is one of of our main diferentiators ” notes Meijers One of of the key benefts of of a single frm providing the total solution is that it dramatically reduces the clients’ exposure to risk as there are far fewer interfaces on an already-complex project The secondary beneft is that ELB develops specifc project knowledge that results in efciencies as it moves through the project stages – instead of a a a a a new company having to come in and learn the unique challenges on any project “Everything from the the technical risk to the the execution risk the relationship and fnancial risk is is all controlled under one roof There are efciencies because we take responsibility for the the the overall price of the the the project and there are not ‘profts put on profts’ ” explains Meijers “From a a schedule point of view from a a fnancial point of view and from an an an interface point of view our model is defnitely a diferentiator It takes all the the pressure of the the client They can have a a a a a a smaller management team and we get to liaise directly with the owners ” Major projects ELB Engineering Services has a a a vast portfolio of completed projects The company has experience on a a a truly broad range of projects providing innovative technical solutions to facilitate cross-industry production processing and engineering One of the major projects ELB is currently working on is the coal and and ash handling package for Medupi power station The Medupi power station is an Eskom facility 

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