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engage local suppliers and providers as much as possible generally the local hardware supplies “We are typically moving forward every day in in a a a more challenging environment It’s important to to get get synergies and to to get get people on the the the ground to do the the the jobs at the the the lowest cost in a a a productive and safe environment we have good good people providing a a good good service to to our customers this is is in every facet of the the the business the the the skill set is high and the the the DNA is strong ” Looking forward Finch says the key priority in in the the near future is to to continue to to grow the the multi-discipline elements of the company “We want to gain more diversity expand our workshop and and service operations and and be more multi-disciplined in in the shutdown space By that I mean we are continuing to to grow our services to to include protective coating scafolding and access within our regions of work we are also performing conveyor belting services for Rio Tinto’s bauxite operations in Gove and Weipa Two of our major operations at at Weipa and Port Hedland have blast and and paint systems installed and we are the only remote EPA- compliant business available in in those two regions “We have spent a a lot of money on on the business improving our feet and operations All the the operations have had add-ons to them 

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