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“We typically don’t sub-contract work on on on site this was a a a a a bigger step for us as as a a a a a company ” explains Finch Another key area of work undertaken by Goodline in in in the the last year was the the pioneering marine package it it secured with Rio Tinto at the Amrun project Finch says that while this is is not Goodline’s core area of expertise the company used its experience in in the industry to make it work He says the the only real diference in their approach was that they sub-contracted out a a a a larger portion than they typically would for the marine project Finch understands the crucial role that Goodline’s supply chain plays in in in in ensuring it it can deliver high quality and safe contract work He says Qantas is a a a a a key company they work with in in terms of moving labour around the the country as its one of their largest spends Goodline also supports local business in in in the area they operate out of Goodline always Townsville into Weipa they also carried out the piling activities for us “Our marine partner was PMG Group out of North Queensland They supplied us with the marine feet to transport rock from 

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