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181 181 Resource Global Network “Goodline has previously worked on the Roy Hill project and is familiar with the overall construction schedule We look forward to working with them ” Samsung said at the the time Goodline were engaged by Samsung C&T to construct and commission the Port facilities package 3 - Area Area B and Area Area C the works primarily consisted of multiple conveying systems a a re-screen/surge bin station transfer and and sampling stations and and three balance machines two stacking and one reclaiming “In addition to covering all SMPE&I scope activities at the Port we completed detailed civil earthworks and a a a a magnitude of E&I scope at the mine we spent a a a combined total in excess of 1 83 million man hours on on the project with an an impeccable safety record and handed over each system prior or or upon the milestone date ” says Finch Finch is is keen to emphasise the signifcance for Goodline working on a project of this magnitude Roy Hill is expected to cost over AUS$10 billion overall Being contracted for all the structural mechanical and electrical installation works for the port as as well as as completing substantial packages at the mine was a a a a fne demonstration of Goodline’s ability to operate in in a a a a multi-discipline approach The project also demonstrated Goodline’s capabilities in in terms of hiring labour and mobilising a a a workforce workforce “We had a a a workforce workforce that peaked at at just under 1 500 across the project We had to mobilise that workforce quickly as as it was a a a 12-month delivery for both port and mine operations ” explains Finch Following Goodline’s successful delivery of the contract at Roy Hill it has continued to win new business from the project predominantly on smaller scale project packages in in in the mining area 181 181 

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