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For Goodline the challenge was to remain competitive despite falling commodity prices driving down profts across the board One of of the key areas is in in cost however by reducing wages to such an an extent you can expose yourself to to competitors with higher wages poaching the residual intellectual expertise in in in the workforce “It was important to to us to to make sure we keep that core workforce going because that is where you get the real DNA and culture of the business in in operation and you have to to maintain that to to keep performing time served is a a real ingredient of culture ” explains Finch “The real cost advantage is that you must be market competitive in terms of your hourly rate however it is also about performing on site and then having the the right skillset in in the business that when you work on site you you keep your resource levels low and productivity high ” Goodline has a a a wealth of experience working on a a a a number of Australia’s most infuential resources projects The relationships it has built with the the majors served the the company well as the industry began to shrink and work dried up According to Finch the company has been able to to service such projects thanks to to the the key values and attributes that the the management has endeavoured to instil throughout the company The business prides itself on its its ability to provide a multi-discipline service to projects in in in in in doing so engaging synergies in in in in in having one company complete multiple functions In addition Goodline has an impeccable safety record across the projects it has worked on and it it ensures that it it provides stable and and safe facilities for contractors and and staf One of Goodline’s key diferentiators in in the market is that it ofers a a a a 24/7 service at at the 

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